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The golden autumn

After summer, one of the most beautiful seasons in the mountains is upon us:

the golden autumn

This special time in the Ehrwald mountains is characterised by the special light and richness of colour in nature. Whereas in summer the meadows and forests are in sap and thus vibrantly green, the trees and bushes change colour in autumn. Not only the maple loses its green leaves, but also some conifers turn a shade of red. 

The light in the mountains gets a special "filter" - the air is clear and you can already feel the cold air in the shadows in between. At the foot of the Zugspitze you can follow this spectacle excellently - the light on the Wetterstein massif takes on a certain golden glow in the late afternoon until evening. 

We celebrate this special time at the Hotel Alpen Residence in Ehrwald with two wonderful packages. Firstly, the popular hiking weeks with our hiking guide Ronny and secondly, the "Golden Autumn" package. 

We are already looking forward to welcoming you in autumn.

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