Excursions within easy reach of Ehrwald

All around the Zugspitze and in Tyrol / Bavaria you will find not only sporting activities but also various highlights worth seeing within easy reach of Ehrwald. So culture and history in Ehrwald does not come too briefly. For all romantics we recommend the royal castles: A must-see is the castle Neuschwanstein near Füssen - built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II, it was the model for Walt Disney's "Magic Kingdom". 

Another highlight is Linderhof Castle - also built by King Ludwig II. The Bavarian king used the property as "Royal Villa" and is today known worldwide for its impressive gardens and fountains. 

The capital of the Alps and Tyrol, Innsbruck, is only 50 minutes away from Ehrwald. Besides the old town Innsbruck offers highlights like the Crystal Worlds Swarovski, the Bergisel Ski Jump and the Alpine Zoo.

  • c_ulses_bergfeuer_dsc_0086.jpg

    Bergfeuer jährlich im Juni

    vor Ort
  • c_ulses_streichelzoo_p6260003.jpg

    Tier- und Spielpark Bichlbach

    ca. 15 Automin.
  • c_ulses_burg_ehrenberg_pb210067.jpg

    Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

    ca. 24 Automin.
  • hotel-alpen-residence-highline179.jpg

    Highline179 bei Ehrenberg

    ca. 24 Automin.
  • c-ulses-fernsteinsee-80_2.jpg

    Schloss Fernsteinsee

    ca. 20 Automin.
  • c-ulses-almdorf-fallerschein-112.jpg

    Almdorf Fallerschein

    ca. 40 Automin.
  • ulses_14_baumkronenweg.jpg

    Baumkronenweg Füssen

    ca. 36 Automin.
  • c_ulses_lechfall_p8240032_2200.jpg

    Lechfall bei Füssen

    ca. 38 Automin.
  • c_ulses_hohenschwangau.jpg

    Schloss Hohenschwangau

    ca. 45 Automin.
  • neuschwanstein_c_ftm_guenterstandl.de.jpg

    Schloss Neuschwanstein

    ca. 45 Automin.
  • c_touristinfo_steingaden_werner_boeglmueller_002_stg_wiesk_10_2.jpg

    Wieskirche Steingaden

    ca. 1 Std. 10 Automin.
  • bayerische-schloesserverwaltung-linderhof.jpg

    Schloss Linderhof

    ca. 55 Automin.
  • c_ammergauer_alpen_gmbh_stephan_de_paly.jpg

    Kloster Ettal

    ca. 46 Automin.
  • c_ulses_alpenzoo-_5_.jpg

    Alpenzoo Innsbruck

    ca. 1 Std. 20 Automin.
  • c_ulses_innsbruck_altstadt.jpg

    Innsbruck Altstadt

    ca. 1 Std. 15 Automin.
  • c-ulses-innsbruck-bergisel-180.jpg

    Innsbruck Bergisel

    ca. 1 Std. 14 Automin.
  • 2800-web-swarovski-kristallwelt-copy-anatol-jasiutyn.jpg

    Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens

    ca. 1 Std. 23 Automin.